Marty's techniques are proven and time tested. Your swing will improve and your enjoyment on the course will follow. Check out what some of Marty's clients have to say about their experience with Marty Fleckman Golf.

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Rick J. Moore :: Houston Area President, David Weekly Homes

E. D. Lester :: Chairman/CEO, Stewart Title

Tracy M. Clark, D.D.S. :: President, West Houston Endodontics

David A. Sellars :: President, Davis-Penn Mortgage Co.



Rick J. Moore ::
Houston Area President, David Weekly Homes

Fellow business owners,

I’d like to share how we have turned a routine golf outing into an event that lasts forever in the minds of our customers.

One of the things that we have always tried to do with our marketing is to do something a little different and a little over the top to make a long lasting impression on customers. In the homebuilding business, lot developers are some of our most important customers.

Marty Fleckman has been able to turn nice trips into great memories. Marty provides great personal instruction, easy to understand golf clinics and lots of personality. Our customers have really enjoyed rubbing shoulders with a real PGA Tour veteran especially one as entertaining as Marty. Getting a chance to play a few holes or an entire round with a PGA Tour member has been a big winner for everybody.

We have every intention of having Marty be a part of all of our golf entertainment events whether it’s a one-day outing or a weeklong trip. I can’t think of a better way to get added value for our dollars invested.

Rick J Moore
Houston Area President
David Weekley Homes


E. D. Lester
Chairman/CEO, Stewart Title


I would like to compliment you on helping me with my golf game. As you know when I started with you I had the typical high fade and loss of distance and direction. Your ability to watch and learn my quirks have been crucial to my success. Your teaching style, no nonsense, and practice what you are taught has helped me lower my handicap from a weak 18 to a very respectable 9 and I am pleased to recommend you to any of my fellow competitors whenever they are in need of adjustment.

Additionally, I really appreciate your willingness to work with my schedule to assist me whenever I am in dire need of a tune up. Not only do I tout you as my golf instructor, but include you as my of my closest friends as a result of our many years of association during our lessons.

E. D. Lester
Stewart Title


Tracy M. Clark, D.D.S.
President, West Houston Endodontics

I started playing golf 20 years ago, as an adult. During that span, I have probably averaged a handicap of 29, and have taken many series of lessons from at least a dozen different instructors. About 6 months ago, I started taking lessons from Marty Fleckman. Talk about a difference! I was about to give the whole game up, thinking that I was just personally unable to improve. Marty has given me back the enjoyment of the game and I've shown improvement during our lessons that I honestly did not think was possible. What I've learned is that there is a huge difference in quality of instructors. Marty has taken the time to perfect the art of teaching the golf swing, by giving the student a strong foundation of the fundamentals–not just "patching" the trouble spots of your swing. Simply put, he's is that rare combination of an excellent player (take time to look at his PGA Tour career), who is equally outstanding as an instructor. I would recommend Marty to anyone!


Tracy M. Clark, D.D.S.
West Houston Endodontics


David A. Sellars
President, Davis-Penn Mortgage Co.

I took up golf a year and half ago after a corporate outing and got hooked. I wanted to take lessons to improve my game so I started asking around for a good teaching pro and was referred to Marty by a business associate. He warned me up-front Marty was tough, but would get your game on track. He was right. Marty is tough but there are plenty of “way to goes” when you finally flush one. I would highly recommend Marty Fleckman regardless of your present skill level. The one thing I have learned from Marty is he loves to teach golf and takes pride in his student’s accomplishments.

David A. Sellars
Davis-Penn Mortgage Co.