General Info ::

"To be a proficient teacher, one must do two things on a continuous basis: Continue to work on his own game and continue to learn. I would never take a lesson from someone who has not successfully competed on a professional level. Why? Because I would never ask a student to do something that I could not do myself in a competitive environment."

Many people who contact me for golf instruction often ask "What is your teaching philosophy". I always respond by saying "I analyze ball flight and relate that to impact and swing shape. All we are trying to do in golf is produce a correct, consistent, repetitive impact and the means of employment is of no significance. We often hear golfers talk about swinging the club on plane. That is so very important in hitting consistent golf shots because all missed shots are caused by either being too much above the plane or too much below. It is the correct angle of approach that produces consistency. That's why you see so many different swings that produce great shots. You then must ask yourself a question. Do you want to find your golf ball or look pretty swinging?"

"Three people have influenced and contributed to my knowledge of instruction. Byron Nelson taught me the short game and course management, and when to play certain shots in critical situations. Carl Lohren taught me the back-swing and Jim Hardy concentrated on the forward swing as well as the back-swing."

"By taking all this information and applying it to myself allows me to help every golfer at any level no matter what degree of talent they possess."

– Marty Fleckman

Lesson Rates ::

30 Minute Lesson (includes balls only - no video analysis) $60
Package of 5 - 30 Minute Lessons $270
30 Minute Lesson (includes balls and video analysis with take home DVD) $75
Package of 5 - 30 Minute Lessons $340
1 Hour Lesson (includes balls and video analysis with take home DVD) $150
package of 5 - 1 Hour Lessons $675
Package of 25 - 1 Hour Lessons (includes balls, video analysis with take home DVD and 18 hole playing lesson) $2995